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Accelerator Pedal Boost Module

Edge Products 

AMPd Throttle Booster

37 Parts

AMPd Throttle Booster
  • Increases Accelerator Pedal Response Over Stock
  • User-Adjustable Throttle Sensitivity Settings
  • Reduces Dead Pedal Feeling Acceleration Lag
  • Works With Stock Or Modified Vehicles
  • Build Turbo Boost Quicker On Turbo Charged Vehicles
  • Multiple Adjustable Throttle Sensitivity Levels

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BD Diesel 

Throttle Sensitivity Booster

18 Parts

Throttle Sensitivity Booster
  • Instant Throttle Response
  • Quicker Turbocharger Spooling
  • Easy To Install With Factory Connections
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Levels
  • Reduces Pedal Lag
  • Boost Throttle Signals By 50 or 100 Percent
  • No Emissions Tampering
  • 12 Months or 24000 Mile Warranty

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  • Reduces Laggy Pedal Feeling
  • Quicker Turbocharger Spooling
  • Easy To Install
  • Adjustable To Boost Throttle Signals By 50-100 Percent

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