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  • BD Diesel
  • CSI

Auto Trans Flexplate

BD Diesel 


8 Parts

  • Meets SFI 29.3 Approval
  • Reliably Handle Up To 1500 lb-ft. Of Torque
  • Twice The Material Of The Stock Flex Plate
  • Precision Balanced
  • Black Oxide Coated To Resist Corrosion
  • Black Oxide Coated Prevents Hydrogen Embrittlement
  • Allows Axial Thrust Unlike Solid Flywheel Conversions
  • Fit Any OEM or Aftermarket Torque Converter
  • Affordable Enough To Replace With Converter or Transmission Swap
  • Great For Racing/Towing or Stock!
  • 36 Month/150000 Mile Limited Warranty

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BD Diesel 

Flexplate Friction Shim

1 Parts

Flexplate Friction Shim
  • Micro-Bite Between The Flexplate Surfaces
  • Friction Increase Protects Your Flexplate From Slipping
  • Allows Handling Of Much Higher Loads And Bigger Hp Numbers
  • Recommended For High Output And Heavy Duty Applications

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Steel Flexplate

2 Parts

Steel Flexplate
  • Made From Aluminum w/No Epoxy
  • Comes w/Billet Neck
  • Features A 2 Row 1 in. Core Design
  • Warrantied Free from Defects in Material/Workmanship for 1 Year

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