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  • BD Diesel
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Fuel Tank Pickup

  • Chevy And Dodge 1/2 in. Top Side Draw Kit
  • 5/8 in. Corrugated Pick Up Tube
  • Highest Flow Capacity
  • Constant And Complete Fuel Supply
  • Stock Return Tube Utilized
  • 12 Month Or 12000 Mile Warranty

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Holley Performance 

HydraMat Fuel Reservoir System

21 Parts

HydraMat Fuel Reservoir System
  • Patent Pending Solves Problems w/Traditional Fuel Pick-Ups
  • Reduces The Potential For Air To Enter Into The Fuel System
  • Vehicles w/Fuel Starvation At Hard Corners/Stops/Inclines/LowFuel
  • Surface Tension/Fluid Wicking Allow Hydramat To Draw Fuel
  • Area Of Hydramat Is Uncovered Tiny Pores In Media Seal
  • Internal Reservoir Assists Keeping Fuel Available At The Pickup
  • Eliminates Specialty Reservoirs Sumps/Pick Up Pumps
  • Can Fold/Compress For Easy Install In Many Fuel Cell Openings
  • Works With Alcohol Ethanol Methanol And E-85 Fuels

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Holley Performance 

HydraMat Install Kit

5 Parts

HydraMat Install Kit
  • Includes 4 Studs Nuts and Washers
  • Bonded Installation Compatible With All Fuels
  • Patented Fixture Maintains Consistent Pressure For Bond Strength
  • Available For Poly and Steel/Aluminum Fuel Tanks

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